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Here's how we can help your organization

We love working with brands, businesses, & organizations of all size. Here's how we can help you flourish and get your message out to the world...


Company Swag

Outfit your employees, customers, volunteers, and more with custom branded swag. We can do apparel printing with either DTG printing or screen printing, we can handle custom embroidery orders, and we have a powerful Trotec laser for all sorts of custom engraving and cutting orders.


Print Marketing

Does your business need a print partner for marketing materials, business cards, signs, and more? We provide these services to select business partners – reach out for more info


Laser Engraving

We can do custom engraving and cutting on our Trotec laser for various business uses, both standard and creative. For more information, give us a shout.

Design + 

Design & marketing

We have two trusted, go-to providers for design and marketing. When any of our business partners need design or marketing, these are who we send the work to. Both of these providers are owned and operated by TAKE4 executives. 
Available through our design partner, Hamon Creative.
Available through our marketing partner, Digital Gravy.
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