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the mask revolver™ dtg face mask printing kit

Print up to 6-masks at a time and over 180+ masks per hour using our patent-pending Mask Revolver™ DTG face mask printing kit. 

Masks: The Elephant in the Room

Let's "face" it... the prolonged effects of COVID-19 are causing face masks to be a part of our lifestyle now and if they are going to have to be worn, why not make them look good? With our modular, patent-pending Mask Revolver™ DTG printing platen, you'll be able to custom-print masks for your customers with no hassle.

The TAKE4 Mask Revolver™ kit comes with:
(1) Mask Revolver™ Platen Base
(12) Mask Revolver™ Shells
There are a variety of ways to decorate masks. We designed this specifically for DTG applications but our turnkey setup can also be used for screen printing, heat transfer (HTV), and even laser engraving! Laser-engraved masks are an economical way to put intricate solid-color artwork on masks without any detailed printing setups, techniques, or drying.

Pays for Itself in Hours... Not Months.

We designed the Mask Revolver™ to be a low-cost platen addition to your DTG business. Within minutes of opening the box, you'll have this mounted, centered, and ready for masks. We promise... it's that easy. Assuming a reasonable, but healthy profit margin, you can average hundreds of dollars an hour more with your DTG printer while using LESS INK!

Let's say, for example, you pay $2/mask and charge $5/mask to print. The Mask Revolver™ setup will allow you to print 6 masks at a time in just minutes. Assuming a 3-minute print-run per setup, you can average 180 masks per hour. That's $600 an hour in printing revenue with a fraction of the ink that large garments require. 

A Fully Modular Mask Printing Kit for your dtg printer


Keep it American

In order to prevent any unprecedented, harmful overseas contaminants from impacting our masks, we made the decision to source nothing but pure, 100% American-made cotton.

Keep it Local

Sourcing U.S. cotton was always the plan but we were blessed to cross paths with a Georgia-based cotton mill, allowing us to build a growing local partnership with big impact.

Keep it Focused

While creativity runs in our blood and we have ideas that hit us daily, we are determined only to manufacture a variety of 100% American-made cotton masks; with and without filters.

Universal Design

Every face is unique and we realize that. It was our mission to design a face mask that would fit a variety of facial contours. Its sewn to stay snug around the nose and jaw line with no strain on the ears.

Super-Soft Cotton Blend

Our 100% American grown, locally-milled cotton/poly blend is incredibly soft and comfortable and is available in black and white with more colors coming within the next month.


We’ve hand-picked a cotton/polyester blend that is protective yet breathable for extended use and wear. Additionally, we’ll be offering a version with an air filter pocket for extra protection.

Low Minimums

Our team is working hard to produce our custom-designed, American made masks every day to help stop the spread of COVID. We keep thousands in stock, allowing you flexibility on small (or large) runs.

Printing Options

We can DTG print masks directly on our patent-pending jig! This allows us to print more than 150 masks/hour! Prefer polyester with all-over printing? We can sublimate them for you. Ever thought about engraving?

Quick Turnaround

Whether you need blank, branded, or custom-designed masks, we can produce thousands per day with fast turnaround and the ability to drop-ship directly to you and/or your customer way faster than the big guys!

No Minimums

You can buy one of ours or bring your own mask and have it printed while you wait. Yep! It’s that fast! Help stop the spread of The ‘Rona in style without having to order multiples!

Printed or Embroidered

Your choice! We have strategically positioned ourselves to up to provide one-off prints or embroidery runs for masks (and much more) and can even digitize your design in-house.*

No Funky Smell

Unlike plastisol screen-printing inks, our premium DTG pretreatment and inks are water-based and eco-friendly, meaning you won’t inhale any toxic fumes or aromas!

Creating New Opportunities

If masks are going to be a part of our lives, we can at least have some fun with them. That's why we created the Mask Revolver™. It's a great way to add a new vertical to your DTG printing business while bringing [hidden] smiles to customer faces! ;)

Optimizing Profits

With the TAKE4 Mask Revolver™, you'll be able to output 6x the product - compared to printing standard apparel. You could triple or even quadruple your profitability on bulk runs with our patent-pending system. You'll also cut down on your ink consumption!

Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to new equipment for your DTG printing business, we realize that questions will arise and mistakes will be made. Rest assured that your investment is in good hands. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Mask Revolver™!

Online Support

If you have any questions along the way, we're committed to supporting you through your new mask-printing journey! We will continue to update our website with valuable tips, tricks, and other useful media for you to leverage. 

Need to Chat? Give Us a Shout.

Yep! You heard that right! Have an issue? Contact us via email or call us and we'll answer any questions you might have. We're committed to your success and want to see you turnover a new leaf in your business. Don't go it alone; we've got your back.

Feeling Iffy?

We're super proud of what we've created but should you be unsatisfied with your purchase, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee on the Mask Revolver™. Just send it back we'll provide a full refund. Our 12 included USA-made masks are on us.
Lower Your Ink Consumption & Triple Your Profits With the Mask Revolver™


The Mask Revolver™ is currently manufactured from 100% American-milled baltic birch plywood. Finish may vary as burn marks from our laser may be visible.

Why Wood?
• It’s lightweight and saves on shipping
• Baltic birch plywood is incredibly durable
• It’s an eco-friendly solution over plastics
• Milled right here in the USA
• Slight texture helps grip masks better

Should you want something more elegant, we will be offering an acrylic option in the near future.
mask revolver shell detail


Mask Revolver Platen Isometric
Our Shells have a universal design that fits a variety of popular-sized masks.
Mask Revolver Shell Isometric
Mask Revolver Modular Kit Isometric


Designed for the Brother GT-3, GTX, and GTX Pro DTG printers
Ability to work with screen printing applications
Ability to work with laser engraving applications
Modular design allows you to maximize production efficiency
Low-profile, sleek design that fits nearly any mask
Custom Shell designs available by request / for purchase
Easy, slide-on mounting: No hardware needed
Easy-to-use digital layout template makes art placement easy and consistent
Currently available in baltic birch plywood; acrylic and plastic options coming soon
Available to all 50 U.S. states; international shipping coming soon
U.S. Patent Pending

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mask Revolver™?

The patent-pending Mask Revolver™ by TAKE4 is a modular mask-printing system designed for the Brother GT-3, GT-X, and GT-X Pro. Our system allows garment decorators the ability to easily print onto masks on their DTG printer, remove them 6 at a time for drying, and load 6 more to keep production flowing.

How do we print masks with the Mask Revolver™?

The Mask Revolver™ is designed to be used when YOU need it. Taking a break from running shirts all day? No problem. Just slide the Mask Revolver™ base on top of the standard 14x16 Brother platen, measure it left-to-right, lower your platen for proper clearance for the printhead, and load up our free layout template in the GTX Graphics Lab software that came with your Brother machine. Just like larger garments, ink gets applied to the masks and they can be removed 6 at a time using our modular for curing/drying.

How many masks can you print at once?

6! We are the only kit on the market allowing our customers to maximize their profits and produce up to 6 masks on a single run!

What's included in the Mask Revolver™ Kit?

We want you to win. Big. That's why we don't just include a single set of Mask Revolver™ Shells that you have to wait on when curing/drying. We include 12 Shells, allowing you to load 6 more masks during the printing or drying process. When those are done, load 6 more! This cyclical, "revolving" nature is what pushed us to brand it as the Mask Revolver™! Bonus! We're including 12 of our very own American-made masks. Sell these and you're more than halfway there to pay it less than 10 minutes.

Does it work with the T-lock® Platen Kit?

Yes! We've pre-drilled holes so you can mount T-lock® brackets (not included or sold by us) to your Mask Revolver™ base to seamlessly work with your T-lock platen kit. We realize not everyone has a T-lock® kit so we've included two feet/channels on the bottom of the board to slide over top of the standard 14x16 platen.

How do I securely attach a mask to the Mask Revolver™ Shell?

We recommend you start on the ends first and then wrap the sides to create a flat surface. If you need to secure the ear loops, the Mask Revolver™ comes with 3 different hook locations on the back.

How many masks can I produce per hour?

Based on our conservative calculations, we estimate an average production time of 6 masks to be 3 minutes, allowing you to do around 180/hour. Variables such as ink volume, white ink base, etc. must be taken into consideration as they will impact your print time. However, printing dark ink on light masks will likely yield a much faster production turnaround.

Is there good money in printing masks?

This is obviously subjective so excuse us if we're a little optimistically biased :). It's pretty simple math, to be honest. Let's break it down: An average black shirt with a white ink + color print will take 3 minutes to load, print, and place on a heat press or dryer belt. That means you can do 20 shirts per hour. Figure a $10/shirt profit (as an example), that allows for a $200/hour run-rate. Not bad! But what if you could print 6 masks every 3 minutes, or up to 180 masks per hour and you made $5/mask to print. That's $600/hour. Too pricey? Even just printing for $3/mask, you're still $160/hour more in revenue than printing t-shirts. If that's not enough to convince you, your ink consumption per mask is a lot less than a full t-shirt!

What is the Mask Revolver™ made of?

Baltic birch plywood. We wanted to manufacture our custom mask printing shells with the lightest but strongest material we could get our hands on while still staying 100% USA made. That's why we chose baltic birch plywood. It's cost-effective, plentiful, lightweight, but very durable. We do plan on offering a "sleeker" version of the Mask Revolver™ kit out of plastic and/or acrylic - depending on your preference - in the near future.

How is the Mask Revolver™ made?

We laser-cut every single Base and Shell in-house on our commercial laser cutter. This allows us to oversee the entire manufacturing process and sure quality assurance on every kit that leaves our building!

My masks seem to be printing a little off compared to the template. What do I do?

Our template is intended to be a "guide" for you as much as possible. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of your machine or 3rd-party platens. With our template, there may be a .25" wiggle room on all 4 sides. You can hone this in by sliding the Base left or right as-needed, or altering artwork inside of the Graphics Lab software. We recommend test-printing on a sheet of paper to ensure accuracy of the targeted printing zone prior to full production of your masks.

Can masks be pre-treated and printed with white ink?

Yes! There are so many different types of masks out on the market that it's hard to say what will and won't print properly with white ink. There are a lot of polyester masks (including our own) as well as blends that won't produce super bright prints as DTG inks work best on cotton and/or cotton blends.

How do I cure/dry my masks?

We highly recommend investing in a tunnel dryer - not just for masks but for your DTG business in general. If you are heat pressing to cure your inks, we recommend to hover at the same settings as your tees for 30 seconds. Due to the thin feet on our Shells, they might crack and/or split under too much pressure, thus damaging the Shell and making it unusable on the Base. Hovering or even light pressure for 30 seconds is recommended. Ultimately, we are here to provide a printing jig solution for masks but it's up to you on how you want to cure/dry your final pieces.

Will the Shells work with a heat press?

Yes and no. You can load 6 shells at a time on the heat press but pressing them on standard shirt settings will likely be too much pressure and will crack, split, or even completely break the mask Shell. Our shells are made of baltic birch plywood and, while strong, they are only 1/8" thick and are not designed for too much force. We recommend you hover at a desired temperature and duration that best-fits the mask fabric and print.

One of my Shells broke. What do I do!?

Turn that frown upside down. We realize that accidents happen. The Mask Revolver™ comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY to ensure you have a successful venture in the mask-printing business. In order to process your warranty in-full, there will be a small verification form where you can upload a photo of your cracked or broken Base or Shell. You'll need to ship the broken piece to us and we will rush ship a replacement as soon as its received at no cost to you!

I want to order individual components. Do you sell the Base and Shells separately?

Yep! If you have a big operation, you may benefit from having additional Shells on-hand so you can keep loading and printing at lightning speeds. However, if you have a multi-printer operation, you'll save money by ordering the full kit; it's cheaper as a package deal.

Can I order just one Mask Revolver™ Shell?

Unfortunately, that would be pretty cost-prohibitive for both us. The smallest order of Shells you can purchase is a pack of 6.

I like the masks you included with my kit. Can I order more?

Yep! Here's the awesome news... We don't source these custom face masks and call them ours; we actually hand-picked fabric, designed the shape of them, and produce them in-house out of 100% American-made cotton and polyester blends. You can browse and purchase masks here:

I have my own masks. Will they fit perfectly on the Mask Revolver™ Shells?

This is a tough one... We've designed our Shells to be as universal as possible but there are hundreds of different styles of masks on the market. Here's the cool thing... If you have a specific mask and it doesn't work perfectly with our standard Shell, you can contact us and request a custom cut Shell design to fit your mask perfectly. We can provide this service to you in-house at a very fair price. Disclaimer: TAKE4 reserves the right to sell any custom shaped Shells that are purchased by a customer and offers no exclusivity to the design and will likely put it online for sale to benefit other customers.

Do you ship internationally?

Hang in there... it's coming soon. We are only setup to ship nationally at the moment but will be offering international shipping as soon as possible. We'll keep you posted.
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