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Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is the cream of the crop when it comes to apparel printing. #changeourmind
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no minimums!
we can print just one
nearly unlimited colors
full fidelity!
no setup fees
like screen printing
unmatched turnaround
same-day printing
we print in-house
orders never outsourced
water-based inks that never crack or peel
soft ink you can't feel
never rough
oversized prints
up to 16x21
custom print locations
sleeves, tags, & more
nearly unlimited garment types in full color

What is DTG Printing?

Direct to garment printing (DTG) is the process of spraying garments (like t-shirts or even jeans) with a specialized ink jet apparel printer. 

Unlike traditional processes such as screen printing, DTG printers are able to print full color, detailed designs directly from digital files and photos, dyeing the ink directly into the fabric for a vibrant, lifetime finish. Perfect for custom t-shirt printing and nearly any other type of garment!
Thanks to DTG technology, we're able to print nearly any design – no matter how intricate – on nearly any fabric and at very large sizes and custom locations. 

We're also able to handle print-on-demand relationships, no-minimum orders, and there are never any setup fees. If you're in the market for custom apparel, you'll love our DTG printing services.

our elevator pitch

We can digitally print affordable apparel for your brand, business, or organization. In-house. On-demand.

How we back it up

DTG Printing Unlimited Colors Icon

Unlimited Colors

Our Brother GTX printer carries one of the widest color gamuts in the industry equating to millions of colors. You’ll never have to compromise your or artwork by color-separating AGAIN!
DTG No Minimums Icon

No Minimums

Compare that to a 24-36 minimum run requirement from a screen printer and even other DTG printers! We can print and embroider as little as one t-shirt at a very fair price.
DTG Printing Quick Turnaround Icon

Quick Turnaround

While the big guys take 6-8 weeks to produce your garments and get them fulfilled, TAKE4 can produce your custom apparel in just a few days or less*
DTG USA Icon - Alpharetta GA

Made in the USA

WE ARE NOT A MIDDLE MAN. We are a family-owned printing business out of Alpharetta, GA. All work is produced in-house by our talented team.

DTG Printing Examples

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DTG Printing options

The great thing about DTG printing is that we can print on nearly any garment in nearly any location. Below are some of the most popular apparel options for direct-to-garment printing, but we can print on so much more than this – just ask!
DTG Printing for Tees & Shirts

DTG Printing for custom T-Shirts

DTG Printing for Hoodies

DTG printing for custom Hoodies

DTG Printing for Sweatshirts

DTG printing for custom Sweatshirts

DTG Printing for Onesies

DTG printing for custom Onesies

DTG Printing for Tanks

DTG printing for custom Tanks

DTG Printing for Face Masks

DTG printing for custom Face Masks

DTG Printing for Bags

DTG printing for custom Bags

DTG Printing for Pillows

DTG printing for custom Pillows

...And Much More

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Have Questions About DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing?

Do you do same day & on-demand DTG Printing?

Yes, we can do same-day DTG printing for Atlanta customers depending on the order type and quantity. If you're bringing us the garments there's an even greater likelihood that we can print same day. For customers and apparel companies outside of the Atlanta area, we can print on demand and even do order fulfillment and drop-shipping. Drop us a line!

Do you do screen printing, too, or just direct to garment?

We started purely as a DTG print shop, but we've expanded into screen printing as well. Our mission is to be your #1 source for custom apparel, period.

How much does DTG printing cost?

DTG printing prices depend on the type of garment you choose, the color of the garment, and the number of print locations. You can get a better understanding of our DTG pricing by checking our online shop.

Can you create a custom design from scratch for me?

Absolutely! We're not just a DTG print shop, we're a full-service custom apparel company. We create custom designs for many popular apparel brands and can do the same for you. Even if you're a consumer and need a one-off design, we can make it happen. Reach out and tell us what you're dreaming of.

Are there any limitations on print locations?

We can completely customize the print locations. We specialize in custom apparel orders – nothing is too complicated for us. We've done custom jeans, custom racing suits, and everything in between.

Are there any order minimums or setup fees?

For DTG printing there are no order minimums or setup fees. For small runs, DTG is perfect. If you need larger runs and want the lowest possible price, you may want to look into screen printing.
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