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Custom laser
Engraving, etching, & Cutting

High-quality laser engraving, laser etching, and laser cutting all done in-house in Alpharetta, GA.
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custom engraving
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rapid prototyping for products & inventions
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unmatched turnaround time
rush orders avaiL!
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commercial quality and
lightning-fast turnaround
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no minimums!
We'll engrave just one piece

What is Laser Engraving & Cutting?

Laser Engraving is the act of marking, etching, or cutting materials using a high powered, tightly focused laser beam. The laser beam acts as a chisel in the etching & engraving process by  removing layers from the surface of the material. In the cutting process, the laser acts as a finely tuned jigsaw or slicer to cut through a material with the ability to cut out complex shapes with extreme precision and consistency.
TAKE4 is proud to offer custom laser engraving for businesses, organizations, charities, and the general public. We guarantee unmatched quality and a personal touch on every single order.

If you need laser engraving, laser etching, or laser cutting for a project, reach out today!

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We can laser cut and engrave thousands of different products from over a dozen different materials. From prototyping to full-scale commercial production, we can do it all.

How We Back It Up

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Custom Engraving

We can engrave nearly anything you want on just about anything you want. Coasters, name tags, metal business cards, plaques, etc. Shall we go on…?
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Laser Cutting

We have a laser cutter dedicated to small jobs and a larger, more powerful laser cutter that can cut at insanely fast speeds on a variety of popular materials.
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Quick Prototyping

Have a product idea that you’d like to hold in your hands? Send us your NDA; your secret is safe with us! We can provide rapid prototyping for your ideas and products in no time.
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A Variety of Materials

We can cut wood, fabric, leather, paper, acrylic, Delrin, mylar, rubber, Corian, and even FOODS! We can also engrave everything above plus glass, aluminum, marble, and more!
custom mask printing

We can laser engrave masks!

Let’s face it... Wearing masks is going to be a part of our lifestyle for a while. Why not personalize it and make it YOURS!
Need masks? We manufacture our own IN-HOUSE out of 100% American-milled fabric!
see our custom face masks

Check Out Our Work

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