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Looking for a Print on Demand printing partner? We're committed to high quality prints, affordable pricing, and stellar customer service.
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  • Custom Direct to Garment T-Shirt by TAKE4
  • Lucky DTG Printed T-Shirt by TAKE4
  • Pray Custom Tee by TAKE4 with DTG Printing
  • Georgia Made DTG Tee by TAKE4
  • Iron Valley T-Shirt by TAKE4
  • Georgia Woven Tee by TAKE4 via DTG Printing
  • Custom 24/7 Tee by TAKE4
no minimums!
nearly unlimited colors
full fidelity!
we print in-house
orders never outsourced
water-based inks that never crack or peel
soft ink you can't feel
never rough
oversized prints
up to 16x21
custom print locations
sleeves, tags, & more
nearly unlimited garment types in full color

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a partnership arrangement where you sell garments to your customers and a professional print shop (hey, that's us!) prints and ships the items to the customer for you.

By doing Print on Demand you only pay for printing when you sell something. There's absolutely zero risk to you, which is what makes Print on Demand so popular.

The challenge is finding a quality Print on Demand partner. If prints are low quality, fulfillment is slow, or prices are too high, it harms your business.
Thankfully, you don't have to worry about that happening with TAKE4. If you use our Print on Demand service, you can sell your garments will full confidence that your order will get fulfilled quickly and accurately.

We are committed to consistently producing the highest quality prints in the industry, offering full customization options, getting orders out quickly, and providing stellar customer service.

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We're the Most Committed & Responsive Print on Demand Partner You Will Ever Work With.

How we back it up

DTG Printing Unlimited Colors Icon

Ultra Quality

Our Brother GTX printer carries one of the widest color gamuts in the industry equating to millions of colors. You’ll never have to compromise your artwork.
DTG No Minimums Icon

True Print on Demand

Many print companies say they offer Print on Demand but there really isn't much commitment to the relationship. We're 100% all-in for our Print on Demand clients.
DTG Printing Quick Turnaround Icon

Quick Turnaround

While the big guys take 6-8 weeks to print your garments, TAKE4 can produce & ship your custom apparel in just a few business days.
DTG USA Icon - Alpharetta GA

100% USA

We are a family-owned printing company out of Alpharetta, GA. All work is produced in-house by our talented team of designers & production staff.

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print on demand options

We offer a wide variety of styles and brands. Whether you want to go with budget options or top out at the ultra-high-end of custom apparel, we're able to get it done. We even have a cut and sew apparel manufacturer across the street from us that we've partnered with to produce fully custom apparel from start to finish for clients. There are no limits when you partner with TAKE4.
DTG Printing for Tees & Shirts

print on demand 

DTG Printing for Hoodies


DTG Printing for Sweatshirts


DTG Printing for Onesies


DTG Printing for Tanks

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DTG Printing for Face Masks

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DTG Printing for Bags

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custom bags

DTG Printing for Pillows

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...And Much More

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Have Questions About Our Print on Demand Services?

Are you a true print on demand partner?

Yep! While some companies claim to do print on demand, they limit you to a select few garment and customization options, and have terrible turnaround times. We'll print whatever we can get our hands on for you (or you can just choose our go-to options), are willing to go fully custom with your designs and print locations, and are committed to fast turnaround. This is why so many people are switching to TAKE4 as their print on demand partner.

Can you print my custom tags?

Yes, we offer custom tag printing for $2 per garment.

Can you white label my orders?

Yes! We have white labeling options, which means we can ship your orders in your own branded mailer bags, custom boxes, and with custom shipping labels. Your customers will think the order came straight from your company! You can provide the custom shipping options or we can design and produce them for you. Ask us!

How much does Print on Demand cost?

For standard print on demand clients, there are no extra costs for establishing a print on demand relationship with us. For white labeling & storing custom inventory there is a nominal fee.

Can you create apparel designs for my company?

Absolutely! We're not just a print shop, we're a full-service custom apparel company. We create custom designs for many popular apparel brands and can do the same for you. Even if you're a consumer and need a one-off design, we can make it happen. Reach out and tell us what you're dreaming of.

Are there any limitations on print locations?

We can completely customize the print locations. We specialize in custom apparel orders – nothing is too complicated for us. We've done custom jeans, custom racing suits, and everything in between. We've also mixed DTG printing with embroidery for some clients and have printed custom leather patches on our Trotec laser for others. If you want to go ultra-custom, we're game.

Are there any order minimums or setup fees?

For DTG printing there are no order minimums or setup fees. For small runs, DTG is perfect. If you need larger runs and want the lowest possible price, you may want to look into screen printing.
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