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SCreen printing

Screen printing is the perfect option for maximum affordability with custom t-shirt printing. Read below to learn about our screen printing services.
  • screen printed custom t-shirt by TAKE4
  • Screen printed t-shirt by TAKE4
  • Come Hell or High Water Screen Printed T-Shirt by TAKE4
  • Lucky T-Shirt Screen Printed by TAKE4
  • TAKE4 Pray T-Shirt Custom Screen Printing
  • MADE Custom T-Shirt Screen Printed by TAKE4
  • 100 Custom T-Shirt Screen Printed by TAKE4
  • Iron VAlley Welding - Screen Printing by TAKE4
  • Georgia Woven Tee Screen Printing
  • Twenty Four Seven Three Sixty Five Tee Screen Printed by TAKE4
lowest per-shirt price among any print method
big order friendly – great for larger orders
bright, vibrant finish that pops off garments
water-based inks that never crack or peel
best for simple designs with few colors
oversized prints
up to 16x21

Small Order? Complex Designs?

Screen printing requires a minimum order of 25 garments per design and is best for simple designs with few colors. For smaller orders or orders with complex designs, we recommend DTG printing instead.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing, often referred to as "silk screening," is a process of applying artwork to apparel using a screen printing machine and silk screens to lay thick inks on top of garment fabric. 

The screen allows the ink to pass through the design on the screen, resulting in the design being perfectly inked onto the garment. It's basically like using a giant stencil.
With screen printing, we're able to produce large custom apparel (usually custom t-shirts) orders at a very low cost per garment. For this reason, screen printing is extremely popular in the B2B world (custom apparel for businesses).

We do lots of screen printing jobs for large companies, local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and more.

our elevator pitch

We're your go-to for custom apparel. Whether you need screen printing or DTG printing, we're one of the few companies to do both. And we do it with style.

How we back it up

Low Cost Affordable Screen Printing

Low Costs

Screen printing prices are super affordable. You'll get the lowest cost per shirt possible from any printing method.
low minimums for screen printing at TAKE4

Low Minimums

We'll take screen printing orders with as few as 25 garments. For smaller orders, we offer DTG printing.
Fast Turnaround Screen Printing at TAKE4

Fast Turnaround

While the big print shops can take 6-8 weeks to fulfill your order, TAKE4 can produce screen printed apparel in just a few days.
Unbeatable Screen Printing Service at TAKE4

Unbeatable Service

We are a family-owned printing business out of Alpharetta, GA. We treat *every* customer like a "big customer."

screen printing options

Screen printing can be done on nearly any material that lays flat. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tanks are the most popular garments for screen printing, but we can print on nearly anything. Just ask us.
Screen Printing for Tees & Shirts

screen printing 
for custom t-shirts

Screen Printing Service for Hoodies

screen printing for custom hoodies

Screen Printing Service for Sweatshirts

screen printing for custom sweatshirts

Screen Printing for Tank Tops

screen printing for custom tank tops

...And Much More

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Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Printing

Is screen printing a good fit for my order or should I do DTG printing?

The first question is: how many garments do you need of the same design? If it's 25+, you're a candidate for screen printing. If not, we recommend DTG. The next question is, how complex is the design and how many colors are in it? Screen printing is best for simple designs with few colors. If you fill out this inquiry form and send us your artwork, we'll tell you exactly which printing service is best for your order.

How much does screen printing cost?

Cost is going to depend on the garment you choose, the number of print locations, the number of colors in the design, and the number of shirts. Each color or print location we add increases the cost because it increases the labor. On the flip side, ordering a greater quantity of shirts reduces the cost per shirt. We can give you a fixed, guaranteed quote before you spend a dime – just fill out this inquiry form.

Can you create a custom design from scratch for me?

Yes, we have a talented in-house design team who can take your idea and turn it into a completely custom design. That's one of the benefits of working with TAKE4 - we're not just a print shop, we're a full-service custom apparel company.

Can I screen print anywhere on a garment?

Screen printing is best for front prints, back prints, & sleeve prints. If you want tag prints or any print location that's not suitable for screen printing, we can do those locations with our DTG printer. We often combine screen printing and DTG printing for very custom orders, which is another benefit of working with us – we can handle complex requests with ease.

Do you charge setup fees for screen printing?

Most print shops charge setup fees or "screen fees" to create the screen that's required to produce the designs. For smaller runs closer to our 25 garment minimum, we usually charge a screen fee. For larger runs, we can wave the screen fee.
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