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GTX Cart Panel Protection Kit

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Protect your Brother GTX printer from dust and debris while maintaining optimal operating temperature and humidity with our customizable Brother GTX Cart Panel Protection Kits! Designed and laser cut in-house from 1/4” MDF, our kits include interior insulation panels that help prevent moisture from escaping the base of your GTX! Available in a variety of configurations!


* This is kit is just for the Brother GTX cart.

Maintaining proper temperature and humidity on the Brother GTX can be challenging without proper insulation. In order for the GTX to operate at peak performance, it must also keep dust out that can quickly gather in printing environments. We spent years wrapping our Brother GTX cart with cardboard boxes and coroplast and shoving t-shirts in various gaps where the printer sits on top of the cart.

After the success of our Mask Revolver and 16x21 systems, we designed an insulation and dust prevention kit that quickly mounts to the Brother GTX cart with magnets. Our kits are laser-cut in-house and assembled for easy installation around your GTX cart.

Our GTX Protective Cart Panel Kit will help further your investment by keeping it protected while creating a more efficient printing environment, reducing temperature and humidity warnings that can arise. Here’s what our kit is designed to do:

  • Keep dust and dirt out from the base of your Brother GTX printer
  • Help maintain optimal printing temperatures through wood insulation
  • Contain more moisture and humidity for your GTX, limiting “Low Humidity” warnings
  • Remove and reattach easily via recessed magnets that attach the panels directly to the steel cart

Our magnetic wood kits contain:

  • Front panels (left and right) with finger tabs that make for easy removal and attachment
  • Left panel with a hole for cords (for a humidifier, space heater, etc.) as well as a hole for the ink waste tube
  • Right panel
  • Rear panels (left and right)
  • Top-side “gap” panels (4) where the GTX sits on top of the cart)

All panels:

  • Are made from 1/4” commercial-grade MDF
  • Are designed and laser cut in-house
  • Include recessed magnets for easy attachment / removal
  • Also include 1/4” neoprene foam insulation to prevent wood from absorbing moisture
  • Are available as bare kits, unpainted, painted, personalized, or painted and personalized


* All kits are preassembled with commercial grade wood glue.  If you would rather assemble it yourself, please select the "Unfinished Kit" prior to checkout.

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Unfinished Kit, Unfinished, Painted (Matte Black), Stained (Black), Engraved, Painted & Engraved (Matte Black), Stained & Engraved (Black)


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