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Mask Revolver™ Shells

From: $49.00

Order extra mask shells for your Mask Revolver™ so you can pre-load masks while other masks are printing. Available in 6-Packs and 12-Packs. Choose "custom" if you're re-ordering a custom shell type you've already paid us to design for you.


What are custom shells?

We can design custom shells to create an exact fit for the masks you prefer to print on. If you need us to design shells and a custom print layout template, choose "custom." There's a one-time add-on fee for the design and layout. If you've already had us design a custom shell from a previous order, choose "custom (re-order)."

Additional information

Shell Type: No selection

Standard, Custom, Custom Re-Order

Mask Revolver Shells Pack Size: No selection

6-Pack, 12-Pack


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