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upload Your Art Files

Need to send us art files for a new or existing project/order? Fill out this form and then upload directly to our Dropbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best file type to upload?

It really depends on what you're ordering, but typically it needs to be a high resolution PNG or Vector File (AI/SVG/EPS). For solid designs and prints (with a background color or pattern), a high resolution JPG will work. For trade printing projects, a PDF is acceptable. If you have questions, click the chat button and ask us!

Can you provide mockups of what the finished product will look like?

Absolutely! For smaller orders there's a small mockup fee to cover our design time. For larger projects we will include the mockups at no charge.

I need to change what I uploaded, what do I do?

Choose "change design" from the options on the form, re-submit, and then re-upload the new files.
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